How to Hide a Youtube Channel in 4 Steps

This article will teach about how to hide a Youtube Channel in 4 steps. In the previous article how to delete Youtube Channel you can read it if necessary. The steps are almost similar, only slightly different.

For a variety of reasons, someone wants to hide his Youtube channel. One reason is bored or tired of taking care of the channel. Maybe he wants to take a break in taking care of his Youtube channel and someday he wants to continue in the Youtube world. As we already know that having a Youtube channel is a field for making money online.

This is the 4 Steps How to Hide a Youtube Channel

1. Open your browser and go to

The first step to hiding your Youtube channel is to log in to your account. If you have previously logged into Youtube, then click the icon on the top right of your computer screen.

How to Hide a Youtube Channel

2. Open Your Youtube Account Setting

After you click your icon on the top right of the screen, look at the image above. A small menu will appear with various choices. In the small menu that appears, choose the settings menu. See the picture below for more details and clarity.

Open Your Youtube Account Setting

3. Select Advanced Settings then click Delete Channel

After you do step two, that is clicking on Settings, a new page will appear. In this third step, choose Advanced Settings on the page that appears. On your screen, there will be some important information. That information includes your Youtube User ID, your Youtube Channel ID, and others.

The delete channel button is at the bottom of the screen that appears. Click the delete channel button.

How to Hide a Youtube Channel

Then two choices will appear. The first choice is to hide our channel and the second choice to permanently delete our youtube channel. Select I want to hide my channel.

Remove Youtube content

4. The final step is to click the HIDE MY CHANNEL button

This is the last step to hide your channel. After you click on the third step, a slide will appear containing important information.

How to Hide a Youtube Channel

At the bottom, there is a hide my channel button. After you click that button, your channel name will become private. Likewise, your video will also be private and invisible to others. For now, my current Youtube channel has 12 videos. My likes to other channels will also become private. There is other information that goes private.

I hope my articles will help your difficulties in how to hide a Youtube channel

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