How to Delete Youtube Channel Step by Step

Maybe for one reason or another, you want to delete your Youtube channel. Maybe you are confused about how to delete it, don’t worry I will help you, please follow the following methods.

1. Sign in to Your Account

To delete your Youtube channel the first step is to sign in. Open and sign in to your account. The sign-in button is on the top right of the screen. Look at the picture below for more details.

How to delete Youtube channel
How to delete Youtube channel

2. Go to Settings

After you successfully sign in, then the next step is to click the Settings link which is located on the left a bit down. For more details, see the picture below.

Click the Settings Link
Click the Settings Link

3. Go to Advanced Settings

In this step you have several choices, see all the Youtube channels that you have or create a new Youtube channel. The third step is to go to the Advanced Settings link. This link is located in the lower left. For more details, see the screenshot below.

Advance Settings

In the Advanced Settings window, many things can be done and a lot of information related to our Youtube Channel, including Channel settings, Account information, Default Channel and Delete channel.

4. Delete Youtube Channel

In step four, if you are sure to delete your Youtube channel, please click the DELETE CHANNEL button located at the bottom of the screen. For more details on this explanation, please see the picture below.

Delete Youtube Channel
Delete Youtube Channel

5. Password Removal Confirmation

After you click the DELETE CHANNEL button, you will be asked to enter your account password. This is to ensure that this Youtube Channel removal request is genuine from your wishes. After the form for filling out the password confirmation appears, please enter your password.

6. Remove Youtube Content

In this sixth step, there are two choices that you can choose. The choices are:

  • I want to hide my content
  • I want to permanently delete my content.

Google still gives us the opportunity to consider removing this Channel. If you are 100% sure you want to delete your Youtube channel, please click the section I want to permanently delete my content. Then click DELETE MY CONTENT. But if you only want to deactivate your channel, please choose I want to hide my content. If you choose I want to hide my content, you can reactivate your channel in the future. This is up to you. Select which one.

I wan to permanently delete my content

The sixth step is the last step by step removing the Youtube channel. But usually, this channel removal process is not immediately deleted. Some people say that the removal process sometimes takes up to one month.

I congratulate, your channel has been deleted. Hopefully, there are benefits to writing this article.

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