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What version of WhatsApp installed on your cellphone? Try checking now. Currently, on January 25, 2020, the latest version of WhatsApp is 2.20.11 which was released on January 21, 2020. I will show you how to check the version of WhatsApp installed on your phone. That is why I wrote a tutorial article about WhatsApp Update Download, it’s mean about how to download and update to the latest WhatsApp.

Currently, WhatsApp installed on my cellphone is version 2.19. 341, I need to update it to the latest version. Maybe you ask, why should my WhatsApp be updated too? There are many reasons, one of the reasons why you should update WhatsApp is security. Yes, your security is one of the priorities of WhatsApp Inc.

What’s New in WhatsApp Version 2.20.11

The following is what’s new in the latest version of whatsapp:

  • New privacy settings. Allow you to control who can add you to groups.
  • Added call waiting support. You can choose to accept an incoming WhatsApp call while you are on another call.
  • You can now require a fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a fast battery drain on some devices.

Check the Version of WhatsApp Installed on Your Phone

Before you do the WhatsApp update download. You can check your WhatsApp version. Here is how to check what version of WhatsApp on your phone:

  • Open your WhatsApp.
  • Tap three dots on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Tap the Settings menu.
  • Then scroll down and find the Help menu. Tap the Help menu.
  • Then tap the App info. Your WhatsApp Messenger version will appear.
WhatsApp Update Download
WhatsApp Version 2.19.341

Check and Update to the Latest Version of WhatsApp

How to check and update the latest version of whatsApp. Here’s how to check and update to the latest version of WhatsApp.

  • Open your Play Store.
  • Tap three lines on the top left on your screen.
  • Tap My apps & games menu.
  • Tap the Update button (1) to update your WhatsApp.
  • Tap the WhatsApp Icon (2) button to see the version of the latest version.
Check and Update to the Latest Version of WhatsApp
Check and Update to the Latest Version of WhatsApp
  • After you tap the Update (1) button, the update process will be starting automatically.
  • After you tap the WhatsApp Icon button (2), then tap the right arrow button. For detail see the picture.
  • Then scroll down and you will find the latest version of the WhatsApp.
Latest version of the WhatsApp
The latest version of the WhatsApp

After WhatsApp update and download the latest version, don’t for forget to send messages and WhatsApp Sticker to your friends.

That’s all tutorial about on WhatsApp Update Download | Update New Version. I hope many people helped with this tutorial.

Thank you.

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