How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? It’s easy. Whatsapp is the most popular chat application in the world today. When I wrote this tutorial on December 30, 2021, WhatsApp had been downloaded more than 5 billion times. It’s so fantastic. The world population in 2021 is 7.8 billion. So, 64% of people today have downloaded the WhatsApp application on their cell phones.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Why do so many people use Whatsapp? One of the reasons is simple and only uses a cellphone number. Whatsapp has a feature to block someone’s cellphone number. If your number is blocked by someone, then you can’t contact him via whatsapp. So, how to know if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp? Here’s how.

Steps How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Here’s how to find out if your cellphone number has been blocked by someone, you can do it yourself.

  1. Last Seen Time

Many people say this is the easiest way to find out if our number is blocked or not. How do you know when he was last seen?

  • First, open the Whatsapp application, then look for the contact we will check.
  • Check it out, did you see last seen under his name? If you don’t see it, maybe you’ve been blocked from that person’s contacts.
Last Seen
Last Seen
  1. Profile Photo

Just looking at the profile photo, you can know, whether you are blocked or not. When someone blocks your WhatsApp number, you can’t see their profile picture. Previously, you could see his profile photo. When you try to view the profile photo, the profile photo will disappear. But a missing profile photo is not an accurate sign you are blocked or not. Because there are some people who don’t put a profile photo on their Whatsapp. However, if it was seen before, it could be that you have been blocked.

  1. Send a Message

Another way to know your WhatsApp number is blocked or not is to send a message. When you try to send a message, your number can send a message, but will never read. Your message will only see tick one, never tick two. This is the strongest sign, that you are blocked by that person.

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  1. Try to Call

Not long ago WhatsApp added a calling feature. But, if you have been blocked, then it’s useless, you will never be able to call him. If your number has been blocked, when you call him, you will hear a dial tone, but it will never reach the intended number.

When you try to make a call, it will only show the message Calling. Normally, if it is not blocked then after a Calling message it will turn into a Ringing.

  1. Add to Group

The last way to know whether our WhatsApp number is blocked or not is to enter the group. The strongest sign is to enter his number into a group that you create. Create a group, then enter that person’s number into the group. If his number can’t come in, can be sure your number has been blocked.

Other than that, you can also block other people’s Whatsapp numbers. You can read How to Block Someone on Whatsapp. You don’t have to worry if you want to block someone’s number. Whatsapp said it would not give notifications to people whose numbers we blocked. Why, because to protect the privacy of Whatsapp users.

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