How to Create WhatsApp Link Tutorial

Today on March 13, 2020, I will give step by step how to create WhatsApp link tutorial. This tutorial features a screenshot image so you are easy to follow the steps. If this is your first visit to how to create it, you can read other articles. Some of the articles that are still related are See All the Participants of A WhatsApp Group, Connect Whatsapp to PC, Block Someone on Whatsapp.

How to create WhatsApp link

How to create WhatsApp link

What is the Function of Whats App Link

WhatsApp usage is currently very important for communication. Communication between friends, colleagues or family. As I experienced, I could not leave WhatsApp for a moment. When communicating with many people, I use whatsapp group. If you don’t know how to create a whatsapp group, please read the article.

The function of WhatsApp links is to mass invite group members. As an admin of the WhatsApp group, when you want to invite members in large numbers, for example, 200 members, use the whatsapp link. You only need to create a link and then share it with prospective members.

Steps Create WhatsApp Link

To create a link on WhatsApp, you must be an admin. If you are not admin, then you cannot create a link. Here are the steps to create a link:

  • Open your WhatsApp group.
  • Tab three dots at the top right of your phone screen.
  • Tab Group info
WhatsApp Group Info

WhatsApp Group Info

  • Scroll down and tab Invite via link
WhatsApp Invite via link

WhatsApp Invite via link

  • After you Invite tab via the link four options will appear:
    1. Send link via WhatsApp. You can send a link to friends, family or colleagues directly. You can send an invitation link to your status. If your friends see your whatsapp status, they can immediately enter your group.
    2. Copy link. If you select Copy link, the link will be stored in your cellphone memory. You can paste it to another place. You can paste to WA, FG, IG or other social media accounts.
    3. Share link. You can use the Share link menu more widely. You can share with other applications such as FB, WA, SMS, Gmail, Copy to clipboard, Drive, Bluetooth, Telegram or applications that you have installed.
    4. Revoke link. Use the Revoke link if you want others to not enter the group through the link that you shared a few days ago.

Example WhatsApp link that was created

In the steps above, if you correctly followed the tutorial, you will get a link like the following:

I get this link via the Copy link menu, on menu number 2 above. You can click this link, then you will enter my WhatsApp group. But for security reasons, I have removed the last 5 characters from my link.

Hopefully, this tutorial is useful for many people from all over the world.

Thank you.

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