How to Connect Whatsapp to PC Tutorial

Before writing a tutorial on how to connect whatsapp to PC, I will write a few opening sentences about WhatsApp. As we know, WhatsApp is the most popular application for a conversation. Besides free, WhatsApp is very easy to use for both parents and young people. Therefore, many people like it.

By using WhatsApp, we can send messages, pictures, photos, files, music, videos, and many other features. Currently, the most widely used by people is the whatsapp sticker feature. With whatsapp stickers, conversations with friends become closer and tighter. In fact, now you can make whatsapp sticker from your photos. You must update to the latest version in order to use the whatsapp sticker feature.

Many WhatsApp sticker maker applications that you can download. Just open the Play Store and find the application you need.

Steps to Connect Whatsapp to PC

Two years ago, I didn’t know how to open WhatsApp on a laptop. But my job forced me to open WhatsApp on a laptop or PC in the office. Opening whatsapp on a laptop is needed when I will transfer files from my handphone to my laptop or vice versa. So, using WhatsApp the file exchange process becomes easier and faster.

  1. In the first step, you open Then a bar code will appear, see the picture below.
Connect WhatsApp to PC
A Bar Code for Connect to WhatsApp Web
  1. The second step is, Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Then the third step is to tap three dots on the top of your phone screen. Then tap on the WhatsApp Web. See the picture below:
tap three dots
Tap Three Dots
WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web
  1. Point your phone to the screen (step 1) to capture the code.

If the Connect WhatsApp to PC process is correct, then now you have connected to the WhatsApp web. See the picture below.

Connect WhatsApp to PC
Connect WhatsApp to PC Success

That’s the step how to connect to WhatsApp web, easy and clear. I hope, many people will be helped by this tutorial.

Thank you very much.

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