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How to Pray Tahajjud 0

How to Pray Tahajjud Complete Step by Step

If you find out how to pray tahajjud, just read this tutorial. Tahajjud linguistically means to abandon part of our sleep or to stay awake. In application, tahajjud prayer is offered between Isyak and Subuh prayer. It’s best offered after s short nap. Tahajjud prayer is best done in the last 1/3 of the night.… Read the rest

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp 0

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? It’s easy. Whatsapp is the most popular chat application in the world today. When I wrote this tutorial on December 30, 2021, WhatsApp had been downloaded more than 5 billion times. It’s so fantastic. The world population in 2021 is 7.8 billion.… Read the rest

How to know if a girl like 0

How to Know If a Girl Likes You or Not

Here are how to know if a girl likes you or not. Boys really want to know, whether a girl loves him or not. For men, this is very important. If a girl gives you hope, then you can move to the next process. However, if the girl doesn’t show any signs of liking you, then there are two choices, back off or continue to try to get her to like you.… Read the rest

How to Choose a Career Path 0

How to Choose a Career Path for You

How to choose a career path? Just read this carefully. When I was little, my parents often asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up…?” And when I was a kid, my answers were several, like being a pilot, being a teacher.… Read the rest

Hide Subscribers on Youtube 0

How to Hide Subscribers on Youtube

How to hide subscribers on Youtube is easy. But what is a Youtube subscriber? A YouTube subscriber is a person who subscribes to a YouTube channel to get related content. If you are a Youtuber, just make similar content. People prefer to subscribe to channels that only discuss 1 topic.… Read the rest

Create a Section in Google Forms 0

How to Create New Section in Google Form

What are the benefits of the section on Google Form? Why does Google Form provide sections? The answer is to divide a long-form into more specific sections (looks shorter). I will explain how to Create New Section in Google Form.

Most people tend to will not fill out a form that is too long.… Read the rest