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How to Pray Tahajjud 0

How to Pray Tahajjud Complete Step by Step

If you find out how to pray tahajjud, just read this tutorial. Tahajjud linguistically means to abandon part of our sleep or to stay awake. In application, tahajjud prayer is offered between Isyak and Subuh prayer. It’s best offered after s short nap. Tahajjud prayer is best done in the last 1/3 of the night.… Read the rest

How to Pray Maghrib and Isha Together 0

How to Pray Maghrib and Isha Together

Prayer is an obligation for every adult Muslim. Under no circumstances should pray to be abandoned. Although how a person is, is sick or is healthy even on the way is obligatory to run prayers. In any case, never leave five pray a day and night.… Read the rest