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The Preventions of Coronavirus 0

The Preventions of Coronavirus When Leave and Entering of the House

Coronavirus is currently spreading in 200 countries. Almost all countries have confirmed cases of coronavirus cases. The spread of coronavirus is very fast because it is transmitted from human to human. One of the preventions of coronavirus is to keep a distance. The safe distance between humans and other humans is 2 meters.… Read the rest

The Preventions of Coronavirus 0

What does COVID 19 stand for and How to Avoid It

Lately, almost everyone is talking about Covid-19. What does COVID-19 stand for? Covid-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease. Then the number 19 what does it mean? The number 19 after the word Covid is 2019. So, in full, Covid-19 is the Corona Virus Disease, which was first discovered in 2019.… Read the rest


Coronavirus Prevention by Consume Curcumin

Now the Coronavirus is a very frightening disease for everyone in the world. Coronavirus is also called Covid 19 virus. Everyone is looking for information for this coronavirus prevention. In fact, world researchers are working hard to make a special vaccine for coronavirus.

According to Prof.… Read the rest