Converting to Islam from Christianity

Howcreateit. How to Converting to Islam, the Process and Why People Converting.

So you are now interested to learn why are so many people converting to Islam lately. In fact, there can be a lot of reasons behind the situations. It can be caused by marriage and some other reasons.

Recently, we can say that it becomes a common thing since it is also found that Islam has been growing rapidly in the West. Then, to learn more about the issue, let’s check this following information first!

Why Are So Many People Converting to Islam?

Converting to Islam from Christianity How to Convert, the Process and Why People Converting

Converting to Islam from Christianity How to Convert, the Process and Why People Converting

So, what is motivating people to convert to Islam? It is believed that there are four main reasons behind it. Here we go.

  • Simple and Rational: Islam’s doctrine is considered to be simple and ration.
  • All equal: In Islam, every believer is equal.
  • Practical: Islam is also considered as a “practical” religion.
  • No priesthood: It is also known to be lack of priesthood.

Those are some of the reasons why are so many people converting to Islam. The process of converting to Islam is not difficult as well and there are many people who also turn to Islam for marriage. But, the reasons are basically still based on each individual.

How to Convert to Islam from Christianity

Then, how is actually the process of converting to Islam? Converting to Islam from Christianity may not as difficult as you ever think. Both religions actually share some similar thoughts. As you learn how to witness to a Muslim neighbors, you may have learned something too. And here is the way for converting to Islam from Christianity.

#1 Say Shahada

To convert to Islam, all you need to do is saying Shahada, a sentence so-called the Testimony of Faith which in general means that you testify there is no true deity but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of God.

#2 Complete the Five Pillars of Islam

After testifying by saying Shahada above, one has become a Muslim. To complete their religion then, they need to follow it by praying to God, practicing Ramadan fasting, taking out Zakat and go to hajj when they are well-to-do so.

#3 Do the Six Pillars of Iman

Then, on the process of how to convert to Islam from Christianity and others, there are also the six pillars of Iman that one need to do after they turn to be a Muslim. Below the six pillars of Iman:

  1. First, Belief in Allah, The Only God.
  2. Second, Belief in the Angels.
  3. The third, Belief in Holy Books.
  4. Fourth, Belief in the Prophets.
  5. The fifth, Belief in the Day of Judgment.
  6. Number sixth, Belief in God’s predestination.


In conclusion, converting to Islam from Christianity is something that is common nowadays. The process of converting to Islam is actually simple and easy as well. All ones to do is saying the Shahada to declare their faith to Allah.

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