SUMIf Function In Excel – Explain the Difference

SUMIf function in excel is very useful for adding data with one criterion. You can set these criteria yourself, according to your needs. If you have hundreds or thousands of data, and you want to count only a certain amount of data, I recommend using the SUMif function.

In the following article, I will explain about Sum and SumIf.

Different SUM with SUMIf functions

  • SUM Function: The SUM function is used, to sum up, data in Excel in general, without criteria.
  • SUMIF Function: The SUMIf function is used to add data in Excel to the criteria that we want. For detail, please see the picture below.
SUMIf Function In Excel
SUMIf Function In Excel

From the picture above, the total quantity for all names is 16850. Line 11 on the picture above, the total quantity for Andre is 6200.

Detailed data for Andre are:

  • Dec 1, 2019: quantity 1000
  • Dec 2, 2019: quantity 1200
  • Dec 10, 2019: quantity 4000

The total quantity for Andre is 6200. If you don’t use the SUMIF formula, then this takes a long time to calculate. With SUMIf Excel, your work will be faster and more accurate.

SUMIF function Parameters

Sumif in Excel is made to make our work easy. Do you know what parameters are in the SumIf function? Here are the parameters.

=SUMIF(range, criteria, [sum_range])

The SUMIf Function for this example: =SUMIF(B2:B8,B11,C2:C8)

The explanation:

  • =SUMIF: this is the prefix of the SUMIF function
  • range: the range is a collection of cells. In this example, the range is a collection of a cell of names (column B), because the criteria are based on a name, that is Andre.
  • criteria: criteria are the cell that we will add up the quantity. In this example the name is Andre. Andre (the criteria) is on B11 (column B and line 11).
  • sum_range: The range to add up for the name Andre.

Thus the explanation of the SUMIf Function In Excel may provide many benefits for people who are in need of a tutorial about this.

Thank you.

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