How to Make Google Form Survey

There are a lot of reasons to search on how to make a google form survey. It is an important feature that is widely used for any kind of purpose. By making an online survey, you are acquiring important data that can be used in a faster period. There are some types of surveys that you can make with Google.

How to Start Make Google Form Survey

First, you need to have a Google account first. Then, you can proceed to google forms through your browser after logging in with your account. You will then be given some information about what it can do if you are new to this. After clicking get started, you can start putting your questions that you want people to respond to.

How to Make Google Form Survey
How to Make Google Form Survey

Types of Questions

The first type of survey you can make is a multiple-choice survey. People who are taking the surveys may choose one out of several options available. If you want people to choose more than one option, you can use checkboxes to make them able to choose several boxes.

The next one is questioned with scale, and this is useful if you need answers from them based on scale. For example, people can choose from 1 to 10 based on the questions, from number 1 representing a bad value and 10 for the best value. To use this, you can choose a Linear Scale as your question type.

If you have questions that need dates as the answer, google forms also have that feature. You can give questions such as date of birth by using the question type date. And, if you need a longer answer to your questions, you can use Paragraph Text which makes the answer box bigger and people can provide long answers.

How to Share Forms

Of course, after learning how to make google form survey you want to share them to get the responses from your targeted people. To share it, simply click Send on the top right corner of the screen. To see the results afterward, all you need to do is to just click the Response tab where you can see all the responses in graphics.

Conclusion How to Make Google Form Survey

Google Forms has come to help us in a lot of ways possible. Knowing how to make a google form surveys is something you should know because it will help you now or in the future anyway. With some easy steps, you are able to make your own survey that is going to help you in lots of different purposes!


How do I select multiple options in Google forms?

To provide an opportunity to choose more than one answer, use Checkboxes, not Multiple choices. For more details, please see the picture:

Google Form Multiple Choice
Google Form Multiple Choice

The above is an example of a Google Form multiple choice using Checkboxes.

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