3 Ways How to Free Up Space on Android Internal Memory

In this tutorial (How to Free Up Space on Android Internal Memory), I will be showing you seven possible ways to free up storage space on your Android phone or tablet. This would solve the problem of low storage space, storage running out, or any of such storage-related error messages you might be seen on your phone or tablet. Low storage space could also lead to other related problems like phones being unusually slow or freezing from time to time, it could even cause apps to crash during use or not load entirely. So let’s go ahead and see how you can reclaim some storage space and get your phone running smoothly again.

So first it’s important to know that the procedures in this article are equally applicable even if you are not getting any storage space warnings yet. It’s advisable to perform these space optimization processes from time to time depending on how you use your device.

  1. Uninstall Unwanted Apps and Games

Starting with the most obvious suggestion which is uninstalling unwanted apps and games. This is definitely a good starting point because most of the files and data you have occupied your storage space came from one app or another. And on Android when you uninstall an app from your device then any data that the app has accumulated over time is frequently deleted.

How to Free Up Space on Android Internal Memory
How to Free Up Space on Android Internal Memory

There are some ways to uninstall apps from your Android device you can choose to go through Google Play or Play Store for some Android devices you could even uninstall from your home screen. But, the most convenient way would be to go through the app menu in your settings.

  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down and find Apps then tap the Apps menu
  • Tap Manage apps
  • Tap the Apps that you want to Uninstall then tap Uninstall button
  • Tap OK

To understand better, please watch the video on how to uninstall Instagram from Android.

Uninstall Apps (Instagram)
  1. Clear Cached Data

The second suggestion is to clear up the data and cache. The cache is basically a small size too volatile computer memory to provide fast access to the frequently used program instructions applications and data. Again the amount of space you can free through this process depends on how frequently you do your cleanup. There are two possible ways to clean your cache data. First, go through the phone storage and you could also go through individual apps.

Here’s how to clear cache from an Android phone.

Clean up Cache on Android Phone
  1. Delete Unnecessary WhatsApp Media Files

The third approach would be to delete unnecessary WhatsApp media files from your storage. Now as more and more features get added to the WhatsApp app, it often translates to more and more data on storage space demand, and by default WhatsApp stores every media you send or receive across the service. So all the videos, images, and audio files you have received are stored on your phone.

Over time this could become a huge collection of data that could choke up your internal storage. So you should definitely clean up these files from time to time. An effective way to do that would be to use a file browser app. If you do not have one you can get a free one like File Manager or ES File Explorer from Google Play.

The steps are here:

  • Open your file browser and navigate to internal storage then select WhatsApp.
  • Tap Media. Then you would find different media folders like WhatsApp Video, WhatsApp Images, and WhatsApp Audio. When you click on each of these, you will see a collection of the media that have been received under each category and also the files you send under this category.

That’s all some approaches about How to Free Up Space on Android Internal Memory. Hope this helps you.

Thank you.

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