How to Make Money Online for Free

Currently, there are many choices that you can use to earn income online, so finding out how to make money online for free is not that hard if compared with what it used to be. What makes it even better is you can make this money while not having to throw away any of your own cash. The only thing that you have to put into is time and consistency.

How to Make Money Online for Free
How to Make Money Online for Free

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first way on how to make money online for free is to join any kind of affiliate program. In a way, you are becoming a middleman between a business and its customers. What you need to do is to give some information about the things that the business sells to potential customers.

If something is sold through you, you get a cash benefit in accordance with the agreement you have made with the business. This can be done in several ways, and one of the ways you can use this is through referral code. You can simply send referral codes to people, and if they use that code on their purchase then you get the commission.

2. Dropshipping

With this method, you are also using the products of a business that you don’t own, but this time you actually sell the products to the customers. What you need to do is to display the image with complete information of the item, sell it to the customer, and the business will send the item purchased to the customers under your name.

3. E-Books

If you want to opt for selling your own product but don’t want to spend money on making it, you can also create your own e-Book. All you need to do is write what you want to share and then sell it on a simple website or through the market place. Tutorials are highly sought in the online market right now, so you can use that as how to make money online for free.


If you use the ways mentioned above, you have to ensure that you are capable of spending all the time that is needed to build your own online business. It requires consistency as well as a focus on truly pursuing these. In the end, you are no longer seeking for how to make money online for free anymore as you now own your own passive income.

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