Linux CPU Usage

How do I check CPU Usage in Linux? This article contains a short tutorial on how to check CPU usage in the Linux operating system. Following the steps to check CPU usage on Linux, I use Linux Mint 19.

  • Click Menu on the left bottom of your screen.
  • Then on the search type System Monitor.
  • Then Click “System Monitor”
  • For more details see the picture below:
Linux CPU Usage
Picture 1: Linux Show CPU Usage
  • The System Monitor window will appear and you will be able to see in detail, how much CPU usage.
My System Monitor
Picture 2: My System Monitor

In Picture 2 we can see there are 8 CPUs, each CPU with a fairly high load.

  1. CPU 1: 45.5%
  2. CPU 2: 45.0%
  3. CPU 3: 45.0%
  4. CPU 4: 60.0%
  5. CPU 5: 50.5%
  6. CPU 6: 50.0%
  7. CPU 7: 65.0%
  8. CPU 8: 47.1%

My CPU has an average usage of 51.01%, wow it is very high even though there are no programs that I open. This really annoys me. Then I looked for information on how to reduce high CPU usage on Linux.

How to Reduce High CPU Usage with no Activity?

After browsing for several hours, I finally found a way to reduce high CPU usage on Linux. Although this method is not permanent, it means that if you reboot your computer, CPU usage will return to high. This means that this method is only used once.

Step by step to reduce CPU usage on Linux Mint:

  1. Press together Window Logo + L (the letter L on your keyboard).
  2. The Melange window will appear.
  3. In the lower right corner click Action.
  4. Then click Restart Cinnamon.
  5. After 5 minutes check back the CPU Usage.

This is my CPU after Restart Cinnamon:

My CPU After Restart Cinnamon
My CPU After Restart Cinnamon

I hope this article is helpful and useful to many people. Read another’s article about Install Blender 2.8 in Ubuntu Step by Step.

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