How to Repair a Scratched Car Body

A smooth car without a scratch is everyone’s dream. But accident or incident can come anytime and anywhere. If the scratches on your car are large enough and you can make a claim on your car insurance. How to claim car insurance for scratches, you can read that article. But if the scratch is not too wide and deep, you can repair a scratch car body by your self. This article will explain how to repair a scratched car body in simple ways.

This tutorial is how to repair a scratched car body, especially a light scratch. Scratches that are light can occur due to contact our nails when going to open a car door or scratched because our children play near the car. If it is scratched deep and wide, it is better if you bring your car to your garage.

Steps How to Repair a Scratched Car Body – Light Scratch

  • Wash the scratched parts of the car with a soft cloth. Even better if the soft cloth you use is made of chamois.
How to Repair a Scratched Car Body
Use cloth made of Chamois to wash the scratch area. Chamois leather is a type of porous leather, traditionally the skin of the chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), a type of European mountain goat, but today made almost exclusively from the flesh split of a sheepskin (
  • Another material that you can use is Synthetic microfiber material. The famous brand is Shammy. See the picture below.
Micro-fiber Screen Shammy
Micro-fiber Screen Shammy
  • If the scratches on your car’s body are only thin, just wash, the scratches will disappear. If the scratches do not disappear after washing, try using the material below.
  • After you wash the parts that are scratched lightly, buy the material that can reduce scratches. These materials can be in the form of wax, scratch remover, and compound. Scratch remover that is famous in the market is: (You can buy this scratch remover on
    • Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound
    • Turtle Wax 50734 Complete Compound
    • Quixx 00070-Us Paint Scratch Remover Kit
    • 3m 39071 Scratch Removal System
    • Formula 1 Scratch Out
    • 3m 39044 Scratch Remover
  • The next way you can try is to use mosquito repellent lotion. Based on the experience of my community, mosquito repellent lotion can eliminate delicate scratches.

Disclaimer: if you are in doubt, it’s better not to use mosquito repellent lotion. All consequences that can occur become your responsibility.

Thus the tutorial on how to repair a scratched car body, hopefully, can help many people who need it.

Thank you.

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