How to Claim Car Insurance for Scratches

There is nothing worse than coming back to your car after a shopping trip and witnessing that your car is all scratched up. When it seems to be just a scratch, there is no doubt that it still costs you for a repair. Then what should we do to claim car insurance?

When you have a car insurance policy with you, you may start to question something like this: does car insurance cover scratches and dents? When it seems to be something possible, there are actually some points that play on this kind of issue.

Does Car Insurance Cover Scratches and Dents?

It is common to question something like this: can we claim insurance for scratches? Can we claim insurance for car dents? And the answer is it depends. Well, how your car got the scratches will make a difference.

For your information, the causes of the scratch play a big role whether your car insurance company will pay for the cost of your car repair. You must know that different scratches are covered with different coverage types as well.

For install, there is scratch which is caused by a tree branch fell onto your car or an act of vandalism. It means that the issue can be covered by comprehensive coverage. On the other hand, there is scratch which occurs because you hit another object. In this case, you can benefit your collision coverage.

My Car Got Scratched in Parking Lot

Then, what to do if someone scratches your car while parked? Is it possible for us to claim for insurance coverage when it happens? It is highly possible for your car to got scratches in parking lot. When it happens, you can consider taking advantage on your collision coverage.

For example, you can claim for insurance when there is other’s car door hitting your vehicle in a parking lot and when your car scraped by inanimate object like pole which may be available in the parking lot area.

When someone scratched my car in parking lot, it means that person who is supposed to be responsible for the cost of the car repair. Usually that person will left note about their contact information or their insurance.

However, it is possible that you find hit-and-run accident with your parked car. So, what to do if someone scratches your car while parked and escape without any notification? For sure, you need to check for the security cameras and witnesses on the scene.

Step to Claim Car Insurance for Scratches

To claim car insurance is easy, just follows the procedure from your insurance institution. The insurance will cover all repair costs, depending on the agreement at the beginning. Including repair costs because your car scratches. With the insurance costs covered by the insurer, your expenses will be small. Generally, the insurer will learn in advance the cause of scratching your car. They also have procedures for handling claims from their customers. Whatever the results of the investigation from the insurer you must be able to receive it gracefully.

Steps to claim your car insurance because it was scratched:

  • Contact the insurance company. You must immediately contact the insurer as soon as possible after the incident of your car scratched. Generally the insurer gives reporting time no later than three days after the incident. If you have a lot of free time, you should come directly to the insurance office. But if you are too busy or away from the insurance office, you can contact the insurer by text or telephone.
  • Attach a photo of the part of your car that was scratched. Your car claim process can be processed quickly if you attach a photo of the scratched part. Even your claim report will take a long time if no photos are scratched unless you come directly to your insurance office.
  • Complete your claim by filling out the claim form. The insurer needs your personal data and your car data. A form will be provided by the insurer, during the process of filling out the form, you will be asked why your car has been scratched. You have to give real information, don’t make it up. Tell all the events of your car scratched correctly.
  • Tells the chronology of the events of your car scratched. Answer the insurance question in detail. Avoid answer that will confuse the insurer. Avoid giving unreasonable answers. Tell the chronology in time, do not jump.
  • Prepare other documents needed. Mention other supporting documents if needed. Ask the insurance, what documents do they need, so you don’t have to go back and forth later.

That’s the steps in the process of insurance claims related to scratched cars. I hope you understand the process of insurance claims related to scratching your car.

Estimated Cost of Repairs

Everyone will definitely feel sadness if an incident occurs in his favorite car. Most will think about the cost of repairs. The following is an estimate of the costs that must be spent to repair your car. It may vary for each country, this can only be used as an estimate.

  • Scratches. The cost of repairs due to minor scratches varies from $ 300 to $ 1000 depending on the type of car. For deep scratches and in many places, more work is estimated at a cost of between $ 1000 to $ 3550. As for luxury cars, it will cost more than $ 7,000.
  • Dented Bumper. A dented bumper happened to my car. At that time I would park in front of the restaurant, I did not see any small obstacles. Finally my car has scratches on the front bumper. Fortunately, my car bumper has only a small scratch, I don’t need to do repairs or insurance claims.

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