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HowCreateIt. One of the most critical issues after we engaged in a car accident is to get our car replaced or repaired. Since it takes a quiet of long time, it usually leads us to get a rental car while waiting for our car is repaired.

When you are not at fault in the accident, you may wonder the cost of your not at fault accident rental car will goes to your car insurance carrier or the at-fault driver’s carrier. For now, keep reading to find out the answer.

Who Pays for Rental Car after Accident?

Then, who is responsible for rental car in an accident? Generally, if you are not at-fault, the at-fault party is responsible for the expense you pay out for a rental car. However, it isn’t as smooth as it sounds. There is possibility that the process takes some effort or the at-fault’s insurance carrier denies that their client is at-fault.

As a result, some people consider benefit their own insurance carrier when their car insurance has rental coverage. So, your insurance company will be the one who pays for rental car after accident. However, they may then go for the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier to reimburse the money they use to pay your rental car.

How Long Rental Car after Total Loss?

Another question will be: how long rental car after total loss? Well, it actually depends on the policy. However, if your car is in a total loss, you must be aware that the insurance carrier will let you stay in the rental car for a couple days only (such as 2-3 days) after they give you the settlement offer.

Moreover, how long does it take to get a rental car after an accident when it is not in a total loss? Generally, everything will be based on the insurance policy which covers the accident. Usually after the insurance company agrees on the claims, they will provide a rental car.

For your information, your insurance policy may provide the car from the day of the accident occur until they give you a settlement offer or a check at the time they total your car.


Now, you have known who pays for rental car after accident and how long rental car after total loss will be. The last but not least, remember that the entire process can be difficult and everything here will depend on the insurance policy as well.

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