How to Delete Instagram Photos Tutorial

On previews articles about How to Delete Video from Youtube Channel and today how to delete a photo on Instagram. Nowadays more and more social media, one of which is famous is Instagram. With Instagram, you can display photos of you and your family. But do you know how to delete photos on Instagram? Deleting photos or deleting posts on an Instagram account is very easy and only a few steps away.

Follow these steps to Delete your Instagram Photo

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • At the bottom right corner of your screen tap the user icon, see the picture below.
Tap the user icon - How to Delete Instagram Photos
Tap the user icon
  • Choose (tap) the photo that you will delete.
  • Tap 3 dots on the right top corner of your screen then tap Delete.
  • Confirmation deletion will appear on your screen, then tap the Delete.
Confirmation Deletion
Confirmation Deletion

After you tap the Delete, your photo will disappear from your Instagram. Now you know how to delete a photo on Instagram.

I hope this tutorial help many people.

Thank you.

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