My Weight Loss True Success Story

In the previous article weight loss program, I told a lot that the most important diet program is commitment. Why is a commitment important? Before answering that question, what is the meaning of commitment? Does anyone know the meaning of commitment? Commitment is a very strong will to give time and energy to do something. No matter how good a weight loss program is, but not having that commitment is in vain.

Back to my success story in terms of reducing my weight. At the beginning of the program, my weight was 84 kg. And after hard work, finally, my weight dropped to 64 kg. What is the key to my success in losing weight? As I mentioned earlier, the main key is commitment. I have a very strong commitment to losing weight.

My Weight Loss Success Step

The following is a step towards success in losing my weight. The results may be different for each person.

  1. My first commitment to losing weight is to eat less. This is the first thing you should do so that your diet program gets satisfying results. If you fail at this first step, I guarantee you will get the failure. If your initial habit of eating 2 servings at a time, from now on you have to change the habit. For the success of your diet, from now on eat only half of the meal portion.
  2. The second commitment is no breakfast at all. Or if you are a hard worker who needs the energy to work, have enough breakfast, don’t overdo it. By reducing the amount of food at breakfast, then when you work the fat will burn.
  3. The third commitment to losing weight is getting enough rest. With enough rest, your body will be maintained fitness.
My Weight Loss
Reduce Eating Food Like This

That is the secret of my success in losing weight. The results for each person will vary, but the chances of success will be great if you follow the three steps above.

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