How to Refriend Someone on Facebook

Before writing about how to refriend someone on Facebook, I will illustrate this one. How many Facebook friends do you have? Is your friend annoying you? If any of your Facebook friends are annoying, you can block him. If you don’t know how to block someone on Facebook, you can read my other article. After blocking Facebook’s friend, you can unblock him. If you don’t know how to unblock people on facebook, read my other article too.

The illustration is like this:

  1. First-time friend request. Accepted.
  2. Someone annoying you. Block your friend.
  3. Your friend apologizes to you. Unblock your friend.
  4. And now you want to be his friend again. This article will be explained how to refriend someone on Facebook.

Step to Refriend Someone on Facebook

The step to refriend someone on Facebook is the same as the first time you ask for friendship. See the illustration above.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Search. Type the name or email of someone that you want to refriend and press Enter on your keyboard.
How to Refriend Someone on Facebook
Step to Refriend Your Friend on Facebook
  • Scroll and find your friend’s Facebook account that appears on your screen. Usually will appear many accounts that similar names. Find the true one. After you found the account, click that account and click Add Friend button. For detail please see the picture below:
Click Add Friend Button
Click Add Friend Button
  • After you clicked the Add Friend button, a notification message will appear on your friend’s Facebook account. Once your friend opens their Facebook account and accepts your refriend request, you will be connected as a friend on Facebook.
  • To speed up the friendship process, you can tell your friends via WhatsApp or others app that you have sent a friend request.

That’s all the tutorial about refriend someone on Facebook. You can do this cycle as many as you want. See the cycle as the illustration above.

I hope this tutorial help as many as people that need information like this.

Thank you for read this and please share to your social media account if this usefull.

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