How to Delete Facebook Messages

In the previous tutorial, I wrote about Download Private Facebook Videos. Please read the article if you don’t know how to download videos from Facebook without an application. Now, I will write a tutorial about How to Delete Facebook Messages. Deleting messages on Facebook, divide 2 types: remove for you only and remove messages for everyone.

How to Delete Facebook Messages
Who do you want to remove this message for?
  • Remove for Everyone can be done if the message is sent less than 10 minutes. If the message is sent more than 10 minutes, remove for everyone cannot be done.
  • Remove for You can do anytime. You can delete messages sent in less than 10 minutes or more than 10 minutes.

Steps on How to Delete Facebook Messages, Desktop Version

Follow the steps below:

  • Open a browser and open your Facebook account.
  • Click Messenger on the left menu of your screen.
Click Messenger
Click Messenger
  • Select (Click) friends to delete the messages.
  • In the conversation window on the right side of the screen, hover your mouse over the message to be deleted.
  • 3 choices will appear: React, Reply, and three dots.
  • Click three dots, then click Remove
  • When the message to be deleted is less than 10 minutes two options will appear:
How to delete facebook messages
Two Options
  • But, when the message to be deleted is more than 10 minutes, one option will appear:
how to delete facebook messages
One Option

Steps on Mobile Version

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Tap three lines on top right corner of your mobile screen, under the camera icon.
  • Tap Messages menu.
  • Choose your friend that will be deleted the messages.
  • Tap and hold the messages that will be delete.
  • Tap Delete.

In the mobile version ( I use Facebook Lite), there is no option Remove for Everyone as a desktop version.

Both desktop and mobile versions, there is one menu to delete all messages in one command. Tap / Click the three dots and then click the Delete Conversation.

That’s all the tutorial about how to delete Facebook messages. I hope many people helped after read this tutorial. Don’t forget to share to your social media account and your friends.

Thank you very much.

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