How to Create an Event on Facebook

When you have an event that involves a lot of people, you can create an event on Facebook. You can reduce the cost of making invitation cards. Making an event on Facebook can replace the invitation card. Today I wrote a tutorial about How to Create an Event on Facebook. Previously I have written about the How to Cancel Event on Facebook.

You can use the event on Facebook if you have many friends on Facebook. If your Facebook friends are few, using Facebook events is not recommended.

How to Create an Event on Facebook

How to Create an Event on Facebook

Type of event on Facebook

There are two types of events on Facebook, i.e.:

  1. Private Event. Only invited guests will see this event. The host can choose to let guests invite other people. If you want to have a birthday party, just use a private event. So you can choose who your friends will be invited to.
  2. Public Event. Anyone can see this event and search for it, even if you’re not friends. If you are an artist who will hold a concert in a city, use a public event. So many people know about your event. Even though he is not friends with you.

Steps to Create an Event on Facebook

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Click the event menu in the left corner of your Facebook screen.
Event Location

Event Location

  • Click Create Event and Create a Private Event. A message will appear on your screen. You’re creating a private event. To protect the privacy of guests, you won’t be able to change it to the public later.
How to Create an Event on Facebook

How to Create an Event on Facebook

  • Some options that you need to adjust:
    • Event Photo or Video
      • Choose a Theme. There are many themes to choose from. Just click on the theme. Available themes: Party, Birthday, Food and Drink, Family, Holiday, Travel, Recreation, and Seasons.
      • Upload Photo or Video. You can also upload your photos or videos.
    • Event Name. Barbecue
    • Location. Hamilton Avenue
    • Description. Let’s barbecue together.
    • Date/Time. 3/27/2020
    • Schedule. not changed
    • Co-hosts. not changed. You can add your friend’s account here.
Create Private Event

Create a Private Event

  • The last step is to click Create a Private Event.

Now you have finished creating an event. Because this event is private, you must invite your friends to this event. How to invite them? Click Invite then select the friend you want to invite.

How to create an event on Facebook

How to create an event on Facebook

That’s a tutorial on how to create an event on Facebook. Hopefully, the tutorial on how to create this event can help many people. Don’t forget to share your friend if the tutorial makes this event useful. If you have trouble creating an event on Facebook, please ask in the comments column.

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