How to Change Profile Picture On Facebook

Are you bored with your Facebook profile photo? HowCreateIt will teach you how to easily change your Facebook account profile picture. You will be taught how to change your Facebook profile picture via Facebook mobile app and Facebook website via browser.

Some reasons to change the Facebook profile picture:

  • Want a new atmosphere with a new photo
  • Show your new appearance
  • Show your new home to friends
  • And others

Change the Profile via Cellphone

Follow these steps through your cellphone:

  • Open your Facebook account on your cellphone. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to enter your email and password.
  • Tap on your profile icon, see picture 1 below.
Change the Profile via Cellphone
Change the Profile Picture via Cellphone
  • Tab your profile picture (camera icon), see the picture 2 below.
Change Profile Picture android
Change Profile Picture Android
  • After that, several choices will appear on your cellphone screen.
    • Add Frame
    • Take New Profile Video
    • Select Profile Video
    • Select Profile Picture
    • Make Avatar Profile Picture

Then Select “Select Profile Picture“, see the picture 3 below.

Select Profile Picture to Change the Profile Picture
Select Profile Picture to Change the Profile Picture
  • Select a photo that will be used as your Facebook profile picture. You can select a photo in several places, that place is:
    • Camera roll
    • Photos of you
    • Suggested photos
    • Uploads
    • Albums

For more details, see the picture 4 below.

Select your picture
Select the Picture
  • After you select a photo, then tap SAVE in the top right corner of your cellphone screen. See picture 5 below.
Preview profile picture
Save your Profile Picture
  • And now your Facebook profile picture has changed.

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I hope this article helps many people, thank you for reading.

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