How to Change Privacy Settings on Facebook

Everyone has privacy in their lives. Therefore, some people try hiding it from the public. There are various types of privacy, including privacy at work, privacy in friendship and even social media privacy. Social media privacy can be applied on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. This article will discuss How to Change Privacy Settings On Facebook.

What is privacy? Privacy is something that is private (to someone) and should not be known by others. Therefore, there was a friend who deleted his Facebook account to protect his privacy from being open to the public. Please read the How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently Immediately article to find out.

Privacy Settings and Tools on Facebook

Privacy settings on Facebook

Privacy settings on Facebook

To Change Privacy Settings On Facebook follow these steps:

Settings Privacy via Web Browser

  • Open your favorite browser.
  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the right top triangle of your screen.


  • After that, click Settings


  • On the left side of the screen, click on the Privacy menu


Settings Your Privacy:

  1. Who can see your future posts?
    You decide who can see your posts each time you create a new post. Facebook will use that audience for future posts unless you change it. There are 6 choices for this menu:

    1. Public: Anyone on or off Facebook can see your future posts
    2. Friends: Only your friends can see your future posts
    3. Friends except: You can choose which friends CAN NOT see your future posts
    4. Specific friends: You can choose which friends CAN see your future posts
    5. Only me: Only You can see your future posts
    6. Custom: You can choose which friends CAN & CAN NOT see your future posts
  2. Who can send you friend requests? There are 2 options for this menu:
    1. Everyone. Every Facebook account can send you a request to be your friends.
    2. Friends of friends. If you choose this option, only friends of your friends can send you a friend’s request.
  3. Who can see your friends list? My Facebook account, I choose Only me. So no one knows who my friends are. The option on this menu is the same as Who can see your future posts.
  4. Who can look you up using the email address you provided? I have set Only me, on my account. So no one can search for my account, through searching email addresses
  5. Who can look you up using the phone number you provided? For privacy to be stronger, I chose no one (Only me) who could look for me, based on my telephone number.
  6. Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? I have set No. Therefore, my profile can not search from Google. If you set Yes, your Facebook profile will searchable from outside of Facebook.

With the 6 options above, your privacy is now even more secret.

Timeline and Tagging Settings

  • Who can post on your timeline? Set to Only me. So, no one can post on your timeline. If you have a lot of Facebook friends, they can post to your timeline. Therefore, your timeline will be full of news. If you set Only me, they won’t be able to send posts to your timeline again without your approval.
  • Who can see what others post on your timeline? I set Friends on this option. So, only my friend can see what others post on my timeline.
  • Allow others to share your posts to their stories? Something you have posted can be reposted by your friends to their stories. There is two option in this part: enabled and disabled.
  • Hide comments containing certain words from your timeline. You can filter the words in the comments column. Type the words you want to filter, then click the Add button. In addition, you can upload files with the format. CSV. Don’t forget to click Save Changes to save any changes you have made.
Hide comments containing certain words from your timeline

Hide comments containing certain words from your timeline

  • Who can see posts you’re tagged in on your timeline? This setting is useful for giving permission to anyone who can see a post on your timeline, a post that comes from your friend’s tag. I am setting Friends in this section.
  • Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline? In this section, every time there is a tag from your friend, the post must get your approval before it appears in your timeline. With this feature, you can choose which posts will appear on your timeline.

Review your settings

  • Review what other people see on your timeline. This is a preview of your profile after you do some of the settings above. Click View as to see your profile if seen by others. We can see the picture below. This is my Facebook profile display when seen by others.
    • In the Overview section, there is absolutely no information that I show.
      • No workplaces to show
      • No schools to show
      • No places to show
      • No relationships info to show
      • No family members to show
    • In the Details
      • No additional details to show
      • No favorite quotes to show
Reviews your settings

Reviews your settings

Stories Settings

  • Allow others to share your public stories to their own story? In this section, if you want privacy to be more protected, choose Don’t allow.

That’s all about How to Change Privacy Settings On Facebook. I hope this article helps many people when setting their privacy on Facebook. If this article is useful, please share it with others.

Thank you.

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