How do You Unfriend Someone On Facebook

My current Facebook account (December 13, 2019) has 4984 friends, but only some are active. If you have thousands of friends on your Facebook account but only a few are active, you should select and delete them. How do you unfriend someone on Facebook? Here’s how to delete it, it’s easy and fast. Only a few steps.

I have several articles about Facebook accounts as below. Before proceeding to how to delete friends on facebook, the following list for your reference:

Step to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

  • In the first step, open your Facebook account (website version). If not logged in, you are asked to log in first. Your Facebook will open a Home page by default. The Home page contains info, news or news from your friends.
  • The second step, open your Facebook Profile.
How do You Unfriend Someone On Facebook
Facebook Profile
  • The third step, open your friend’s list. Then find the friend you want to delete from the list.
Friends list
Friends List
  • The fourth step, hover on Friends text to the right of your friend’s profile photo and click Unfriend. For more clearly see the picture below.

Immediately after you click Unfriend, then immediately your friend will be dropped from your Facebook friends list. So make sure your friend carefully before deleting it because after you click Unfriend there will be no more confirmation.

If you delete your friend accidentally, then you have to make a friend request again.

That’s how to unfriend someone on Facebook, simple and easy to do. Hopefully, many people will be helped by my writing.

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Thank you.

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