Facebook Search People’s Posts Step by Step

Facebook is a friendship website that has many users. Based on Statista.com, in 2014 Facebook had 1.34 million active users. Do you know how many active Facebook users are in 2020? By 2020, Facebook had 1.69 billion active users. Increased by 1260% within six years. And in this article, I will give a Facebook Search People’s Posts tutorial Step by Step.

Facebook Search People's Posts
Facebook Search People’s Posts

I will show you how to find other people’s posts on Facebook. For example, I will search posts by Facebook owners, Mark Zuckerberg.

Search People’s Posts on Facebook

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Type the name of the person you want in the search field. The search field is at the top left of your screen. You just type the first name, Facebook will give a suggestion last name. Choose (click) the first name and last name as suggested by Facebook.
  • Then choose the type you want: Posts, People, Photos, Videos, Marketplace, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps, Events, and Links.
  • As per the article title, please click on Posts. then the whole post will appear by the person you are searching for.

Search for people’s posts, can be done to everyone. Even though you are not yet a friend of that person. I am not friends with Mark, but I can see the whole post by him. In fact, I can see Mark’s post in 2005.

You can use the filter facilities provided by Facebook. Filter facilities can be used to filter:

  • Posts from
  • Post type
  • Posted in group
  • Tagged location
  • Date posted

The filter facility is located on the left side of your Facebook screen.

Post's by Mark Nov 24, 2005.
Post’s by Mark Nov 24, 2005.

For information, I have written about how to refriend on Facebook. Explained how to make friends with people you have unfriended.

That’s all for Facebook Search People’s Posts tutorial. Hopefully there are many people helped with this article.

Thank you very much

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