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Create your Google Account

For some people email is important, like their lives. Without email, their lives are meaningless. Email is very important for people who make money from the internet. There are many people who have more than one email. Set up new Gmail Account is easy. In this lesson I will show you step by step to create email on The Gmail will ask you some very simple information. You must provide information like First name, Last name.

Go to

Click Create account on bottom left, see the picture 1

The step by step to create email on Gmail

Picture 1: Click Create account

Provide your name and choose password

After you click the Create account on step number 2, the sign up Gmail form appear. Follow the instruction on that form. Fill First name, Last name, Username, Password and Confirm Password. Please remember the password and Confirm password should same words. Click Next. A message appear if Username already taken other people. Try another Username that you want until success. You can choose Username that Gmail suggestion.

Sign Up Form Gmail Account

Picture 2: Fill the basic information

Provide your phone number

Verify your phone number. Enter your phone number then click Next. Gmail will sent a code to your phone.

Verify phone number

Picture 3: Verify phone number

Enter 6 Digit verify number

Enter the code to the Phone number. A code was 6 digit number. For example G-842464, you only input the number. Click Verify.

Gmail Verifty

Picture 4: Gmail Verify

You have finished Set up new Gmail Account

Congratulation. Welcome to Google, now you have finish Set up new Gmail Account. In this form you asked to provide recovery email address but optional. Provide your birthday by choose Month, Day, Year and Gender. Click Next.

Basic Information on Create Gmail

Picture 5: Basic Information on Create Gmail

Google Terms of Service

After click Next on step 6, the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy. Click I Agree

Privacy and term Gmail Account

Picture 6: Privacy and term Gmail Account

This is the view your new Gmail account

In this lesson I will show you step to add contacts, how create a new message, change the background of your email, change password and many other information.

Your Gmail Account

Picture 7: Your Gmail Account

Change Gmail Background

You can change Gmail background with a picture you want. Some people likes change the background email with their family photos or their wedding photos. Gmail has provide several pictures that you can choose.

Gmail Background with default Picture

Click the gear icon at top right, choose theme from the drop down menu, pick theme you want. Click save.

Set up new Gmail Account

Gmail Gear Picture

Please pick your theme

Please pick your theme

If you do correct step by step, now your email background like this.

Before and After you change the background

Before and After you change the background

Gmail Background with Your Photo

To change Gmail background with your own photo the step same like the first one. Click the gear icon,  theme, scroll down and click My Photos button on right corner.

Change Gmail Background My Photos

Gmail Background My Family Photos

After you click the My Photos button, the window of select your background image appear. Select upload a photo and click the Select a photo from your computer button. Choose the the photo you want.


Change Gmail Password

For some reason you can change your Gmail password. I suggest you to periodically change password, weekly or monthly. Follow step by step below:

  • Click the Gear icon
  • Select Setting
  • Click tab Accounts and Import
  • Click Change Password

    Change Gmail Password

    Change Gmail Password

    Verification password

    Verification password

    Enter new password

    Enter new password

    I suggest you type eight character length, combined number, letter and other code. The code like ?, &, * and other code. Minimal eight character. I hope this Set up new Gmail Account Complete can help you completely. If any question about this article please write in the comment. I will do best to help you.

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