How to Create Email Signature in Gmail

I have been using Gmail for a long time. There are several benefits that I can when using service from Gmail. One of the advantages is free. Yes, the email service from Gmail is free. In this tutorial article, I will explain How to Create Email Signature in Gmail.

What is an email signature? Email signatures are words or logos or images that are at the end of the email that we make. To make an email please follow the following tutorial steps to create Gmail account. You can also change the Gmail background image in the Gmail service.

Step on How to Create Email Signature in Gmail

  • Click the gear icon and the Settings menu on the right top of your email. For detail please see the picture.
How to Create Email Signature in Gmail
Gear Icon and Settings Menu
  • Then on the next page, scroll down and find the section called Signature. Then type the signature that you want.
  • Don’t forget to click the radio button to activate the signature.
The Signature
The Signature
  • You can do some formatting: change the font type, change the font size, change to bold, change to italic, change to underline, change the color of the text, add links, add images and others.
  • Then scroll down and click the Save Changes button.
  • Now you create an email, then your signature will automatically appear at the bottom of your new email.
Your Signature
Your Signature

You can try changing the font type yourself or adding an image to your signature. To add an image to your signature, prepare an image that you must upload to the internet. After you upload your image, you copy the URL of your image.

If you don’t know how to upload images to the internet, I will make a tutorial. For now, your signature is text only.

Thus this tutorial, hopefully, a lot of help from this tutorial.

Thank you.

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