How Open and Close My Gmail

Hi all of my friends we meet again in this time. Now I will show you How Open and Close My Gmail. If you have no an email, you can Create Gmail account, read the tutorial in that article. In that tutorial you can follow step by step the creation process how to create email on Gmail. The tutorial is very easy to follow because there are so many screenshots in that article.

Open Your Favorite Browser

Now open your browser, I use Mozilla Firefox browser. You can use other browser such as: Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser or Dolphin Browser. Many people recommends to use Google Chrome, you can download it for free.

Type in the Web Address Bar

After open your favorite browser, now type in the web address bar and press Enter on your keyboard. Please look at the screenshot below:

How Open and Close My Gmail

This is the web address bar

Type Your Email in the Form

After pressing the Enter Button on your keyboard, then wait until the page fully loaded and form appear. The page fully loaded depending on your internet connection. Just wait a moment. The form is look like this screenshot:

Fill the Username and Password Form

Please fill the Username and Password Form

Type your email address in the email or phone form then click Next Button. Actually we can sign in to the Gmail using two ways, email address or phone number as the username.

Type Your Password in the Form

After pressing the Next Button on the step number three, then you would be asked to enter your secret password. Then enter the password as like as when you create the email. Then click the Next Button.

Please Enter the Your Password

Please Enter the Your Password

If you follow the step number one until step number four, after pressing the Next Button your page now look like this screenshot:

My Dashboard of Gmail

My Dashboard of Gmail

How to Close My Gmail

After create account on Gmail and then how to open, now how to close my Gmail. On the right top corner of your email, click the icon look like this screenshots:

The Step How Close my Gmail

Step How Close my Gmail

In the screenshot above we can see the letter D, this is the first name of my display name. If your name is John then the letter will be J etc. Click that letter then the sign out form will be appear. Click the Sign Out. I hope after read this tutorial How Open and Close My Gmail, now you can open then close your Gmail.

Thank you for your coming. Do not hesitate to ask me via comment form.

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