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How to Block Someone on Facebook

How to block someone on Facebook? If you have many friends on Facebook, of course, this is fun. But if you have a friend or someone you don’t know that is annoying, you can block that person. How to do it, follow these simple steps

At present (December 5, 2019) the number of Facebook users has reached 2.4 billion.… Read the rest


How to Delete Photo on Facebook

How to Delete Photo on Facebook …? To delete our photo from the Facebook account is very easy. It’s as easy as counting one two three, and photos are successfully deleted from our account. Here’s how to delete photos from Facebook done through a computer or website version.… Read the rest

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How to Unblock People On Facebook App Tutor with Image

Yesterday I wrote about How to Unblock People On Facebook Web Version, now I write about how to Unblock People On Facebook App. How to unblock people facebook is almost the same as yesterday, here’s how. Please read and practice the steps:

  • After you log in to your Facebook account, tap on the three-line in the upper right corner of your mobile screen, see the image below:
Tap on the three line - Unblock People On Facebook App
Tap on the three-line
  • After taping the three lines on the first step, a new window will appear, then tap Settings.
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How to Unblock People On Facebook Web Version – 5 Steps

Many friends will get better if we can use Facebook wisely. For some reason, we can block some of our friends on Facebook. Friends that we block directly will be unfriend. After we block one of our friends, the friends we block cannot make friend requests again before we open the blocking.… Read the rest