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Download Facebook Video 0

Download Facebook Video Very Easily

Many people do not know how to Download Facebook Video without any tools or websites. This tutorial will provide a way to download videos from Facebook without software. You can download videos from Facebook using a browser only and easy steps.

Facebook is the world’s largest friendship website.… Read the rest

Download Private Facebook-Videos Without Software 0

Download Private Facebook Videos Without Software

I will share how to download private Facebook videos without software or applications. Just by using a browser you can download private videos from Facebook. My advice, after successfully downloading the video, don’t upload it without the right to upload it. Only upload videos to Facebook if you have the right to upload them.… Read the rest

Facebook Search Peoples Posts 0

Facebook Search People’s Posts Step by Step

Facebook is a friendship website that has many users. Based on, in 2014 Facebook had 1.34 million active users. Do you know how many active Facebook users are in 2020? By 2020, Facebook had 1.69 billion active users. Increased by 1260% within six years. And in this article, I will give a Facebook Search People’s Posts tutorial Step by Step.… Read the rest

How to create an event on Facebook 0

How to Create an Event on Facebook

When you have an event that involves a lot of people, you can create an event on Facebook. You can reduce the cost of making invitation cards. Making an event on Facebook can replace the invitation card. Today I wrote a tutorial about How to Create an Event on Facebook.… Read the rest

Cancel Event 0

How to Cancel Event on Facebook

Currently coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks in many countries. Data from the WHO website states this outbreak has spread in 200 countries. This is very sad and very dangerous for human life. Thousands of people have died due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The spread of coronavirus is spread from human to human.… Read the rest

Privacy settings on Facebook 0

How to Change Privacy Settings on Facebook

Everyone has privacy in their lives. Therefore, some people try hiding it from the public. There are various types of privacy, including privacy at work, privacy in friendship and even social media privacy. Social media privacy can be applied on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.… Read the rest