Internal Linking SEO Best Practices

What is internal linking SEO? Internal linking is a link from a web page to another page that is still in the same domain. For example, I wrote about how to create a Gmail account and this called internal linking. That link if you click will open a page about how to create an email account. The link is still in the same domain, namely

What is SEO? The SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a long process to improve the quality and quantity of a web page, which causes many visitors to come from search engines. SEO is a free process. You can do it yourself. But there are many people or companies that sell SEO services.

So internal linking SEO is a long process to increase the quality and quantity of a page that results in many visitors coming through search engines by means of internal linking.

Internal linking SEO

Internal linking SEO

How Many Internal linking SEO in One Page

In my opinion, the number of links that lead to other pages is unlimited. The more links the better, as long as the link goes to another page on one topic. Example of a bad link for SEO, this article is about internal linking SEO but I link to the article How to Find Your Passion to Start a Business. That way, few visitors will open the page that I gave because of different topics.

Another example, you open and select an article there. You pay attention and you count, on one page there are dozens of internal linking. Existing linking to other articles that are still one topic. So my advice, when you write an article at least 1 link to another article. This is great for your page SEO even good for your website.

With internal links, this is one of many ways to optimize your site’s performance. Hopefully the article is useful for many people.

Thank you.

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