How to Create Website Using WordPress

Since you are reading this article, you want to learn how to create a website using WordPress. As one of the most famous and widely used blogging platform, many people decide to create their own website easily using WordPress. If you are among those people, keep on reading for further information.

Back when I was in school, only a few people had cellphones. Only people who have a lot of money can buy mobile phones. In contrast to today, almost everyone has a cellphone. Same with websites, most people have personal websites, for various purposes.

Why We Need to Create a Website

Why do we need to have a personal website? Here are some reasons:

  1. Increase Trustworthiness. Increasing consumer trustworthiness is very important. Today many consumers are looking for products through the internet. When they will buy an item, they search for the product through the product’s official website. When they didn’t find the product on the internet, they were hesitant to buy the product. That’s the importance of having a website.
  2. Cost Saving. Why creating a website can save your money? You can imagine if there is no website, all product marketing is done through mass media such as newspapers or via television. Television advertising is very expensive, of course, it will drain your money. But if you build a website, you can press as little as possible for promotion funds. That’s the point of building your own website.
  3. There is No Time Limit. By building a website, your product can be accessed by buyers twenty-four hours non-stop. When you sleep, customers or buyers can access your website to choose the product they need.
  4. Easily Accessible. Today many people are lazy to go out of the house. This is an advantage for you. You can offer products to those who are lazy to leave the house. Through the website, your products are easily accessed by them.
  5. Very Broad-Reach Consumers. Marketing a product through a website can reach potential buyers from all corners of the world. Unlike if marketing is done with a newspaper or television, it is expensive but the reach is not so broad. That is one of the advantages of having a website.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Own Website on WordPress

How to Create Website Using WordPress

The first thing you can do is creating a domain name. For you who don’t know, a domain name is your website name or a website address like “” When creating the domain name, it is essential to register a name that is easy to remember, simple, and able to represent your website.

Besides, you need to consider what your website will offer initially. There is a huge variety of niche that you can take into account. In this guide on how to create a website using WordPress, we suggest you choose the one that you are focusing on. For example, you can create a website to focus on your personal activity.

How to Choose Domain Name

Do not carelessly domain names for your website. The selection of a good domain name will help enlarge your business. Use your creativity to choose your domain name. Your domain name will be your identity in cyberspace. What needs to be known, try to look at the following:

  • Easy to Remember. Look for domain names that are easily remembered by most people. Don’t choose a domain name that is hard to remember. For example,, in my opinion, is a domain name that is easy to remember. Once someone reads he will keep remembering. Try to find your own domain name so that it is easy for people to remember.
  • Easy to type. Find domain names that are easy to type, to reduce possible typos.
  • Use a Short Domain Name. Avoid choosing a long domain name. This is difficult for your customers to remember and makes it lazy to type it. The HowCreateIt consists of eleven letters and is easy to remember. Google only consists of six letters. Bing is only four letters, it’s easy to remember.
  • Include your product. Don’t forget to include your product in your domain. For example when you want to build a business about a hotel, choose a domain that has the word hotel in it. For example,, and others. The point is to include your product.
  • Don’t forget the area. If your business is local, it’s better to include your area. Suppose you are in Chicago, include the name of your city. Examples like this: The domain name is very easy to remember and not too long. Please be creative in choosing a domain name.

What’s Next after Choose Domain Name

After choosing the right domain name for your website, it is time to choose the best hosting to store your website files. Choose reliable hosting, I suggest using blue host hosting.

There are two possible approaches to design your website on WordPress. First, you can build the website using HTML and CSS or use the drag and drop service offered by WordPress page builder.

Before publishing your first post, you will like to choose a theme for your website. The theme of your website can actually be changed later, but make sure to select the one which is not complicated and can be loaded quickly. After that, you can start adding content to your website.

To create a post on WordPress, you can simply go to your WordPress dashboard and go to the “Posts” button. In your post, you can add various media including photos and video to attract more readers. Finally, you can publish the post! That’s all how to create a website using WordPress.

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