How to Create a Blog for Student Easily

Learning how to create a blog for a student can be a nice choice for developing new learning opportunities. By creating a blog, you can encourage your students to share their ideas with the world, start a conversation outside the classroom, showcase the students’ work, and many more. So, how can you create the blog for your students?

5 Easy Steps to Build a Blog for Your Students

1. Select a blogging platform

First of all, you need to select a blogging platform. In this case, you should find the one which is ad-free and provides easy-to-use options for your students. There are some blogging platforms which offer special blogging service for teachers and students. The options include WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, and Edublogs.

How to Create a Blog for Student

2. Find a good hosting service

Secondly, you have to find a good hosting service. If your school makes it possible to use a space on the school’s website to host classroom blogs, you can take advantage of it. In this tutorial on how to create a blog for the student, you can consider using another blogging platform in conjunction with the school hosting.

3. Focus on some concerns you want to bring

Third, don’t forget to consider the areas of concern. When building a blog for your students, you should focus on some concerns you want to bring up to help your students learn more. At this point, you need to remember that you may need some rules to conduct this activity too.

4. Start creating a post and publish it

Next, you can start posting. Once you are sure how you use the blog and what kind of things you have to post on the blog, you can start creating a post and publish it. You can consider creating a schedule about when to post particular material to make it work better.

5. Tell your students how to use the blog for their benefits.

Finally, you can tell your students how to use the blog for their benefits. For instance, you can ask them to read and comment on particular posts. Besides, you can also let your students create something which will be posted on the blog. That’s all how to create a blog for the student.

Update: November 4, 2019

How to make a blog for free?

Here is how to create a blog for free with

Create Your Blog
Create Your Blog
  • Choose your account. In this example, I choose my own account. On my computer, there are two accounts. I choose one. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one Set up new Gmail Account Complete.
Choose an account
Choose an account
  • After you choose your account (or create a new account) this window will appear:
Create a new blog
Create a new blog
  1. Type your blog Title. For example, if your blog is about a car, you can choose the Title about Car, such as Review the New Car 2019.
  2. Type your blog address. Example:
  3. Choose your Theme blog. An example I choose Contempo.
  4. Click Create blog!
  • On the next window click No Thanks.
Google Domains
Google Domains

Dashboard in

I will explain the dashboard of the blogger:

The dashboard of the Blogger
The dashboard of the Blogger
  1. New post. Use this button when you want to make an article or post something.
  2. View blog. To see how your blog looks, click the link.
  3. Posts. To see all articles or all posts, click the link.
  4. Stats. All blog statistics can be seen from this link. You can see the number of visitors, your blog visitors from which country, visitors come to your blog from search engines or directly, and much other information.
  5. Comments. All comments to your post are here.
  6. Earning. Your blog can also make some money. You must register your blog to Google Adsense services first. Google Adsense staff will review the feasibility of your blog before being accepted into the Google Adsense program.
  7. Pages. A page is a blog page that is usually fixed information, rarely changing. For example, the contact page. A page that contains contacts usually only contains email addresses that rarely change.
  8. Layout. It contains the layout of your blog. For example, your blog’s sidebar contains everything, everything is arranged from the layout.
  9. Theme. To change the appearance of your blog. For example the color of the text or typeface of the text on your blog.
  10. Settings. Many things you can do in the Settings menu. Need 1 article to explain in detail.

How to Create A New Post in

To create a new post, just follow this simple step:

  • Click New Post. See the picture Dashboard above.
  • Write your first blog post.
Write your first blog post
Write your first blog post
  1. Type your post Title here. Type title that reflects your article/content.
  2. Type in detail the description of your title here, as detail as you can write.
  3. After step one and step two was completed, now time to publish your article to the world by clicking the Publish button.
Click the View link to see your post
Click the View link to see your post

This is your first blog posts

Hope this article helps many people that need the tutorial of creating a free blog.

Thank you.

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