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This is the tutorial about how to create Yahoo email account fast free? In another article, I wrote a tutorial about steps to create a Gmail account. In February 2017, Yahoo mail users were 225 million and available in 27 languages. This number will continue to increase from year to year. There are new users who don’t know how to create an email account on Yahoo, so I made this tutorial.

Yahoo mail was first launched in 1997, and in 2019 it has been 22 years. 22 years, of course, have experience in handling users.

Steps to Create Yahoo Email Account Fast Free

  • Open your browser and type in the URL:
  • On the next screen find and click the Create an account button.
Create Yahoo Email Account Fast Free
Create an Account
  • Then you must type your First name, Last name
  • On the Email address field, type the email address you want / like. It usually combination First name and the Last name. For example:
    • First name: Jhon
    • Last name: Jeff
    • Then your email address could be jhonjeff @
  • Type your very secret password. It recommended combining numbers, letters, and others. Example very strong password:?><3hgK2565Pj
  • Then type your phone number. You must type your real phone number because the verification number will be sent to this number.
  • The last is to provide your birth date. Fill with the true date.
Create Yahoo Email Account Fast
Create a Yahoo Email Account
  • Then click the Continue button.
  • On the next screen, the confirmation message will appear. Yahoo will be sent to your phone the 5 digits number. Wait until you receive the number. It’s to prove that the phone number is yours. Then type the numbers that you received to the field provided by Yahoo.
  • Then the congratulation message will appear. Now your email account on Yahoo is ready to use. Click continue.
Your Yahoo Mail Account Ready to Use
Your Dashboard on Yahoo Mail Account

How to Change Language in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo will automatically detect your location and then the first time your default language for your account is based on your location. You can change the default language to your chosen language. Here the steps to change the default language to your choice.

  • On the top right of your dashboard, click the Account info icon and then click the Account info menu. Please see the picture for detail.
Change Language in Yahoo Mail
Change Language in Yahoo Mail
  • Click Preferences on the left side of your page.
Preferences of Your Mail
Preferences of Your Mail
  • Next steps, click the triangle and choose the language you want.
Click triangle and choose the Language
Click the triangle and choose the Language
  • And now the language has changed to your chosen language.

How to Change my Yahoo Password

For any security reason, you can change your password. Below the steps to change the Yahoo mail password.

  • Open your Account info, steps numbers 4 and 5.
  • Click the Account Security.
Account security
Account security
  • For security reasons, Yahoo will ask you type the password. It’s to confirm that this is really you. Type the password that you have typed in steps number 2 if you never change your password.
  • Click the Change password menu on the right top corner of your screen.
  • Then a new page will appear and type your new password twice on the input field. And then click Continue.
Set a new password
Set a new password
  • Remember, New password and Confirm new password must be exactly the same. For your convenience, please click the Show password checklist under Confirm new password. Then you can see if your password is the same or not. Then the success message will appear if your password changed.
Your password has changed
Your password has changed

How to Add Signature to Yahoo Mail

What is a signature on Yahoo mail? Signature on Yahoo mail is a text that automatically added to the end of the email. Here’s how to create and activate a signature.

  • Click the Settings menu on the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • Then click more settings on the bottom right of your screen.
More Settings
More Settings
  • Then on the left side of your screen, find and click Writing email and signature. For detail please see the picture below.
Writing Signature
Writing Signature
  • In area number 13, type the signature that you will add at the end of each of your emails. Generally, people will make a signature: Best regards or Warm regards and their names. You can apply several formatting to your signature: Bold, Italic and color. You can also add a link to your signature. Now every time you create an email, your signature will automatically be added at the end of the email.

Video How to Create Yahoo Email Account Fast

This is video tutorial about how creae Yahoo email account fas that you can watch.

That’s all the tutorial about how to Create Yahoo Email Account Fast Free. I hope this tutorial help many people.

Thank you reading my tutorial until end.

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